Your Soul Came to Experience It All

Bad emotions.

Good emotions.

We spend our time running from one and toward another.

Actually - emotions are neither bad nor good.

So what do we do then?

Watch, listen or read below to learn how, and why your soul came to experience it all…




Have you ever felt a bad emotion?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you have.

I think it's pretty an unavoidable part of being a human being! And bad emotions that can span anything from annoyance, frustration, all the way through to these bigger ones. Bigger emotions like anger, fear, resentment, guilt, shame, loss, projection. And I don't feel super fun when we feel them, do they? It's not a very common for our brain or our nervous system to be like, "Sure, feel these, these are great. Let's go here. Let's actively choose to spend time feeling fear and sadness."

But we label these as bad emotions. And I want to put these into inverted commas because really feeling any emotion, whether we as human beings have labeled it as good or bad, is actually a very, very good thing, no matter what it is. And that is primarily because we are a soul or spirit that has come to have a human experience. At the moment of conception your soul incarnated into you, into your body and came into physical form. And there's a couple of reasons that a soul will do that. First is that it may or does have a purpose, a greater sole purpose, that it wishes to come and fulfill and to birth and to gift the world at this particular time.

It comes, your soul or she comes with particular gifts that she will give you and work with you to harness and to cultivate, to then give the world at this particular time, in this particular moment. And then another reason that your soul will also come to earth is to experience the light and the dark. So our soul is universal consciousness. Unconditional love is a way to think of our soul. Our soul is very, very used to or knows very well coming from a place of source, energy, of unconditional love, of feeling the good, of feeling the light. And it actively chooses to come to earth to also experience the dark.

Think about that. Your soul actively came here to experience the dark, to experience it all. And if you can think about how by experiencing the dark you can experience more light. That is a primary reason why your soul chooses to do this. By going into the dark, we're able to expand our capacity and our appreciation for the good. A very general example of this, which you may have experienced in your own life, I know that I have, is when you experience loss, loss of any kind. When you experience that, you enter into that space of experiencing those bad emotions. You might be experiencing the sadness and the fear and the loss that comes with that experience. That may also come with some anger and some guilt or some shame or some regret. But going through an experience like that invariably has us sitting in a place where these bad emotions are rising.

But if you then sit with these emotions and you really let them be here and you feel them, you can then turn to the other parts of your life that are filled with light, that do bring you those good emotions. And you can enter into them and be enriched by them so much more. You can look at all of the other connections or relationships or elements of your life that do bring you joy and happiness, and you treasure them and you appreciate them with so much more depth. And you can go into those moments where you're experiencing that happiness or that joy or that pleasure, and you can really go there and be there so much more.

So by being with the dark or the bad, we're able to experience more of the light.

And so it becomes about that Yin and Yang. You can't have one without the other. You can't have more of one without journeying into the other one. This is what your soul came here to do. She wants to experience the dark or the bad. So when you are in a situation where you are feeling emotions that we as human beings have labeled as bad, it's because they are perceived by our brain or our nervous system as a threat to our survival or as a threat to us belonging in the tribe. Because our brains and our nervous systems, they're pretty ancient and they can't really distinguish between physical or psychological stress. And so if we're experiencing rage or regret or anger or loss or fear or sadness, that then activates that ancient part of our brain that says, "Wow, maybe we're at threat here. Maybe my survival is threatened. Maybe when I feel vulnerable and exposed, my capacity to belong to the tribe and to be accepted is threatened."

And so to our ancient nervous system and our brain, that equals bad. That equals no-go. And your brain will want to either get you to leave that situation, skip out of it, or it will want you to take those emotions, pack them up into a box and put them somewhere else. Because overall our brain, our nervous system wants us to just not feel and not be threatened. Because our brain and nervous system is trying to keep us alive, trying to get us to the next moment in one piece. But we know this higher energy, this soul energy of unconditional love is very powerful and it's part of our purpose to come here and feel it all. So even though our nervous system might be telling us that it's bad and that it doesn't want to, we have the capacity to feel these emotions, and not only do we have the capacity, we as souls yearn to feel it all. The whole entire spectrum.

And what a job as a human being, to look at the whole entire spectrum of emotions that we can feel and not label them as good or bad. But to just a label them as emotions and sensations that we can experience. And it's quite profound to then understand that if I can sit with and embrace an emotion that feels uncomfortable or that I may or society may have labeled as bad, it then actually allows me to journey through into more of the good, into more of the light. And when I experienced more of one, it then allows me to experience more of the other. So I can't have one without the other. I can't have the good emotions or to feel them and experience them with such richness and such depth, I cannot do that without fully experiencing a bad or dark emotions with richness and with depth as well. Because the deeper we go in that area, the deeper we can go into the light.

And this is part of your soul's mission. This is what she is lit up by. And when you are experiencing emotion that brings you hurt and brings you pain, it is a moment where things are intense and it will not stay and it will not be there forever. But it is a moment that your soul relishes because it means that she gets to be here having this human imperfectly wonderful experience that she electively chose to come and have when she incarnated into physical form here in this lifetime. So here's the challenge for all of us, and this is something that we all continue to work with and journey with our whole entire lifetime. How when we are experiencing an emotion that our brain may label as bad, can we stay? Can we invite it? Can we be here with it? Because that is what our soul, the bigger, more expensive energy, much bigger than our nervous systems energy, that is what she yearns to do. And that is where the richness and the light and the dark experiences of life lie.

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Claire xo