Amidst your cells, tissues, organs, hormones and bones, there are energies, emotions and beliefs living within your body.

Together with your physiology, if they are not witnessed and expressed, they stay there, impacting your health and vitality. Together, these forces interplay to influence the development of symptoms, ill-health or disease.

I’m Claire Murray, Emotional Embodiment Facilitator, Intuitive and Naturopath.

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I work with the health and lives of women (like you):

  • Whose symptoms are beckoning her to go deeper.

  • Who won't settle for the oft-dismissive medical approach.

  • Who desires to unearth what's really going on.

  • Who yearns to be in communion and connection with her body, in all its forms.

  • Who wishes to address her health concerns using a truly holistic way.

But most of all, I work with women who can feel the expansion and activation of what will come from clearing what is ready to be released:

  • Sustainable health

  • Elevated vitality

  • Harnessed energy

  • Magnetism and abundance

  • Deepened relationship with herself

  • Connection to her Soul and the Earth

  • Anchored self assurance



Sweet beauty, you are a Soul (energy) having a Human (physical) experience - the dance of both come together to create your precious Life and Health here and now.

Let’s go there. Into your energies. Back home to your body.

We’ll investigate, illuminate, and then elevate you into higher levels of health and vitality.

The time to start is now. Your body longs for a return to vibrancy, and the Earth and your dreams and purpose need you at your best.

If you’re feeling the call, it would be my honour to journey with you.

Hi Claire, But Who are You? 


Ah yes, a (damn) good question lady!

My path to here:

At 16 years of age I decided I was becoming a naturopath, and holistic healing has continued to call me ever since.

However, in the lead up to that point, I'd had a somewhat dynamic relationship with my skin, immune & digestive systems all my life, and like so many, it was employing natural medicine that saw me finally (finally!) turn some corners with it.

  • At 15, eating anything resulted in crippling stomach pain. Medically, allergy testing revealed I was allergic to cats & dust, which was nothing my nose couldn't already tell me. So rather than watch me waste away, Mum took me to a see a naturopath: an intolerance to gluten was picked up. My poor gut lining so inflamed & irritated that anything flared it at that point. My first gluten-free day following? Pain free, and it never returned.  

  • At 16yrs old, the capacity of our emotions to impact our physical health first became apparent to me. I was told I got the lead role in my schools musical. Sing and act (and even kiss my co-lead?!) on stage in front of hundreds of people? No sweat. Actually, queue me waking up in the following days with intense lower back pain that left me in bed, shuffling, or lying on the floor for our first rehearsals. My ever wise Mum showed me a resource highlighting the lower back being the foundation of where we hold and support ourselves, and the place where we store our deep fears around safety, connection and belonging. Nope, I wasn’t worried about failing on stage in front of everyone at all! This is still an area I continue to work on releasing today, highlighting how dealing with our emotions in the moment can avoid years of unpacking down the track!

  • Life, exams, relationships & stress came along in my late teens and early 20's, and a huge and persistent flare of eczema settled across ~70%  of my body. Obviously, that time in my life was lovely (read: riddled with anxiety, embarrassment & itching). However, it was also a catalyst to start making some real changes to my diet, healing my gut, focusing on skin-specific nutrition & exploring my emotions & how I responded to stress. Leaps and bounds occurred in my healing during this time, and I really understood the power of holistic healthcare within my own body. 

  • I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2012.

  • Big health journeys I’ve walked in my life have included a 25yr relationship with eczema (see above), and more recently, a 6 month bout of gastritis (a rather painful inflammation of the stomach lining). Down in the trenches of wanting it all to stop, it’s definitely easier to medicate things away. But these days, as long as it is safe to do so, I stay. I witness my internal landscape and process what comes up to release, whilst supporting my body with my naturopathic toolkit of diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional therapies. Both of these conditions, whilst manifesting in the physical, have gifted me enormous insight into the energies, emotions and physical imbalances that my body had been holding onto and responding to. Releasing these has played pivotal roles in my healing of any health concern, no matter how big or small.

  • In 2018 I commenced my year long certification with the Energy & Soul Medicine Academy, mastering my Practitionership in the areas of intuition, energetic healing, emotional embodiment and release, and kinesiology. This qualification has totally opened and activated me to the capacities I have to assist peoples healing energetically as well as physically, coming full circle to the call I felt almost 15 years ago.


To say my work is rewarding and humbling would be an almighty understatement. It's a gift to be able to journey to deeply into my being to understand why imbalances are arising, and facilitate this for other women too.

I wish this kind of health for all people, and is what I dedicate my days to sharing!

Overall, holistic healthcare is my irrevocable purpose for being here and now, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days. Sharing all things energy and health whilst working with incredible people? I'll always be down for more of that! 

I'd love to share this powerful and transformative work with you. 

How I Can Help You:

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P.S. Some Fast Facts On Me:

1. I grew up on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and currently live in Brisbane, Queensland.

2. I'm married to Nathan. This guy's my rock, and oh how I love him. 

3. I am at home in the trees & mountains. Give me a wintery hinterland escape (and some tea or red wine) and I’m set!

Archie at 12 weeks. My heart!

Archie at 12 weeks. My heart!

4. Yes, whole foods totally rule the day, but I will never deny: chocolate is my jam. Because, chocolate. Why don't you make some!  

5. We have a pup called Archie and the cuteness is off the richter. As is my level of obsession. As is his capacity to snack on my shoes.

6. My current travel dream is to catch the Trans-Siberian rail from China through Mongolia into Russia, then continue on for a jaunt through Scandi-Europe after. Lush.