Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Claire, and I'm a naturopath specialising in skin, hormonal and digestive health. 

I offer:

I hold a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) studied through Endeavour College in Brisbane. 

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Through my work, I spend my days helping women (like you) to:

  • Restore your skins glow

    • Let's say goodbye to your acne, eczema or psoriasis, as well as the stress & embarrassment it brings. 

  • Balance your hormones

    • Sure: PMS, period pain, weight gain & sugar cravings may be accepted as the norm, but both you & I know life isn't about settling. Feeling energised & supported by your hormones instead? Yes. 

  • Repair your digestion

    • Bloating, wind, constipation, food intolerance & sluggishness: ugh. Live a life free from the confusing symptoms that keep dragging you down. 

Truly restoring your health simply cannot be achieved if your body is viewed as a set of unrelated systems. 

you are a unique. You are complex. And the body you inhabit is pretty incredible! 

Naturopathy supports the body to heal itself. It brings you back into balance by connecting the dots, and addressing the underlying cause of your malady. 

If it's time to start addressing the true cause of your health issues, it would be my honour to create a holistic plan that'll have you feeling light, happy & well. 

(minus the guesswork, frustration and overwhelm)

Hi Claire, But Who are You? 

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Ah yes, a (damn) good question lady!

At 16 years of age I decided I was becoming a naturopath, and it's continued to call me ever since.

However, in the lead up to that point, I'd had a somewhat stubborn relationship with my skin, immune & digestive systems all my life, and like so many, it was employing natural medicine that saw me finally (finally!) turn some corners with it. 

  • I was covered in eczema by 3 months of age, which persisted in this chronic state for several years. A screaming, itchy ball of red: my poor family! Throughout my childhood it came and went, doing the delicate dance with hay fever and asthma, as it does. Medically, script after script for steroid cream, inhalers and antihistamines were filled - nothing other than symptom management could be offered. 


  • At 15, eating anything resulted in crippling stomach pain. Medically, allergy testing revealed I was allergic to cats & dust, which was nothing my nose couldn't already tell me. So rather than watch me waste away, Mum took me to a see a naturopath: an intolerance to gluten was picked up. My poor gut lining so inflamed & irritated that anything flared it at that point. My first gluten-free day following? Pain free, and it never returned.  

  • Life, exams, relationships & stress came along in my late teens and early 20's, and a huge and persistent eczema flare settled across ~70%  of my body. Obviously, that time in my life was lovely (read: riddled with anxiety, embarrassment & itching). However, it was also a catalyst to start making some real changes to my diet, healing my gut, focusing on skin-specific nutrition & exploring my emotions & how I responded to stress. Leaps and bounds occurred in my healing during this time, and I really understood the power of holistic healthcare within my own body. 

  • Since then, I've completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2012. I've continued my own healing journey (it never ends) and now help others with theirs. I've worked for clinics specialising in genetics and hormonal imbalances, provided treatment guidance to practitioners through a leading product company, worked with national media publications and created a bevy of online e-books, programs, webinars, meal plans and workshops for you, my lovely patients and readers.

  • To say my work is rewarding and humbling would be an almighty understatement. It's also such a gift to know my body so well, and to find the recipe that keeps my skin glowing and my body balanced. I wish this for all people, and it what I spend my days helping people achieve. 

  • It may also help that I'm from a family that swaps health doco's, goes on juice fasts, relishes raw chocolate at Easter & wholly believes in the emotional & energetic drivers of dis-ease.  

Overall, holistic healthcare is my irrevocable purpose for being here and now, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days. Sharing all things health and working with incredible people? I'll always be down for more of that! 

I'd love to share my passion & this powerful modality with you. 

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How I Can Help You: 

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1:1 Naturopathic Consultations

I will address your skin, hormonal or digetive woes through the formulation of a tailored and unique treatment plan that will have you feeling better, sooner. 

Online Course: Clear Skin + Winning

My flagship 6-week course sharing all of my naturopathically formulated protocols for addressing acne from the inside, out. 

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Free eBook

Get started on your skin healing journey today by learning the 10 everyday items that are stressing your skin (and what to use instead).

Info via the Blog + Social Media

Recipes, guides and my expert articles helping you find radiance, balance and vitality. 

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P.S. Some Fast Facts On Me:

1. I grew up on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on acreage with chickens, a dog, a veggie patch & playing in the garden. 

2. I'm married to Nathan. That guy's my rock & I love him. 

3. I am at home in the trees & mountains. Give me a wintery hinterland escape (and some tea or red wine) and I’m set!

4. Yes, whole foods totally rule the day, but I will never deny: chocolate is my jam. Because, chocolate. Why don't you make some!  

5. I deeply believe ‘health’ is comprised of much more than smoothies or workouts. It’s also about inviting in joy, connection with others & nature, understanding our fears & expressing graititude for everyday moments.