The Medicinal Meal Plans: Anti-Inflammatory Eating

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The Medicinal Meal Plans: Anti-Inflammatory Eating


Whether you’re living with food sensitivities, environmental toxins, gut issues or an autoimmune disease, the Anti-inflammatory  Medicinal Meal Plan is here to support your healing efforts.

You’ll learn which foods to eat to stimulate your body’s own healing process and ward off inflammation…naturally.

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The Medicinal Meal Plans: Anti-Inflammatory Eating

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

For some of us – especially those with health concerns – answering that question can be more painful than holding a downward dog for 5 breaths in a hot yoga class.

When your health is a priority, deciding what to eat can seem like the battle you’ll never win.

  • The health food store assistant says one thing.
  • Your favourite women’s health magazine says something else.
  • And your stomach? Well, that’s a whole other issue.

You want to be the most gloriously healthy, vibrant person you can be – and you know what you eat is an important part of that equation.
But what you don’t know? Is what your body – with your unique health circumstances – needs to thrive.

What if you could change that?





What if:

  • Instead of trying every latest diet trend hoping it’ll give you the “healthy glow” everybody talks about, you knew what was good for your unique body?
  • Instead of cooking the same two or three (boring) old meals all the time, you knew how to whip up lots of healthy and delicious dishes (with total confidence)?
  • Instead of throwing away tons of useless ingredients week after week (not to mention money) trying to stay healthy, you knew exactly what items to buy – and which to avoid – next time you hit the grocery store?

What if “being healthy” didn’t feel like a chore, and taking care of yourself (and your individual health needs) was, well…easy? And maybe even enjoyable?

You’ve got enough on your plate.

It’s time to uncomplicate eating well.




The Medicinal Meal Plans:

Transformative 7-Day “Food as Medicine” Meal Plans to Become Your Most Radiant Self





The Medicinal Meal Plans are a duo of revolutionary e-books that put a fresh twist on meal-planning by focusing on healing two of the most common health conditions – with food.

Here’s the (amazing) truth: If you’re suffering from a health problem (and even if you’re not), the food you eat is the healthiest, most natural way to heal, nourish and support your body.

But knowing which foods to pick from the buffet of life? That’s another story.

Enter, The Medicinal Meal Plans.


Lovingly created by two natural health experts – naturopath Claire Murray and whole food recipe creator Jess Silsby – the Medicinal Meal Plans are custom-tailored plans created to heal two of the most common health conditions, stress and inflammation. They turn regular, generic old meal planning on its head by taking an individualised look at exactly which foods and nutrients you should eat to best support your body – no matter what ails you.

We know figuring out what to eat on your own isn’t always easy.

And figuring out what to eat when you’ve got your own health concerns is definitely no piece of cake.

That’s why we’ve designed the Medicinal Meal Plans to make eating healthy easy, accessible, convenient and actually enjoyable.


Just imagine…

  • No more scouring the Internet for “what to eat for [x]” 
  • No more guessing at what is and isn’t good for you and your specific condition
  • Having a list of tasty, go-to meals at your disposal that you KNOW will help you become your most radiant, healthy self
  • Knowing that each + every time you sit down to eat, your meals aren’t only going to taste good, they’re going to make you feel good, too

Yes, you can become radiantly healthy – looking and feeling good with lots of energy – just from a great and supportive diet.

Let The Medicinal Meal Plans help change your life – or get it back – by changing what you put in your mouth.

You’ll save time. You’ll save money. You’ll save loads of frustration.

And you just might save your life.




What’s Inside?

Both beautifully-designed books contain 7 days worth of ridiculously simple meals that will generously heal, nourish and support your unique condition – and makes the once arduous task of “eating right” into something ridiculously easy (and enjoyable).

But don’t for a second think this is your average recipe book!

We don’t just want our readers to be well-fed, we want them to be well-informed, so we’ve included loads of additional information that tells you not only what to eat, but why. ‘Cause what’s the point of putting good stuff in your body if you don’t even understand why you should?


Paleo Portobello Burgers, a featured recipe within the Medicinal Meal Plan series

A 7-day whole food meal plan designed to reduce your inflammation and support your healing.

The Medicinal Meal Plans: Anti-Inflammatory Eating

Whether you’re living with food sensitivities, environmental toxins, gut issues or an autoimmune disease, the Anti-inflammatory  Medicinal Meal Plan is here to support your healing efforts.

You’ll learn which foods to eat to stimulate your body’s own healing process and ward off inflammation…naturally.



This Book Contains:

:: 7 days of nutrient rich, done-for-you “food as medicine” recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even dessert!

:: Easy-to-make meals you will love to cook (and devour!) – no special culinary skills required!

:: Info-packed fact sheets on the top 5 nutrients that support the healing of your specific condition plus which foods will and wont best support your body (and why) – so you’re not only well-fed, but well-informed

:: A list of foods containing each of the top 5 nutrients specific to your condition (and the quantities in each) to use as a reference, each + every time you hit the shops.


  • Bonus, drool-worthy recipes from real-food loving guest contributors  (!!)
  • Personal stories shared by Jess and Claire


Purchase any e-book and receive:



Our “Healthy Living” Bonus Resource E-book containing: 

  • Shopping list template
  • Recommended whole food brands
  • How to Tutorials
  • Guides on whole food living and eating
  • Free emotional eating ebook
  • Free sugar craving elimination ebook
  • Tips for eating healthy when time poor
  • Whole food pantry staples guide
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 :: I have [x] food sensitivity. Can I use these plans?

We’ve created all the Medicinal Meal Plans with food sensitivities in mind. Each plan is refined sugar free, gluten-free and optional dairy-free. If you are working with a more complex food allergy (e.g. FODMAPS, salicylates etc), drop us a line (see below) and we will let you know if your desired meal plan will be suitable. 

Every plan completely comprises of whole foods. 

:: I’m really not a cook! Can I handle the recipes in these books?

Every recipe in the Medicinal Meal Plans is simple to prepare and made with delicious, diverse ingredients (read; not the same old, same old “clean eating” stuff, but nothing so exotic you can’t find it at your local supermarket or health food store).

So, in a word: Yes!
P.S. Our health is so important, and it’s crazy how easy it is to forget that. The good news is reclaiming your health is as simple as knowing what to eat to support it – and then doing just that.  If you want to learn how to nourish your body right, unveil your own inner radiance and start healing from the inside out –  the Medicinal Meal Plans are for you.

:: Are The Medicinal Meal Plans really for me? 

If you’re a health-conscious eater, want to be empowered and targeted around your food choices, but can also be found scratching your head or sighing wearily when it comes to meal times, you’re the exact soul we’ve created the MMP for. 

If you’re chasing a quick fix/ magic bullet / overnight success – then we lovingly say your journey must continue onward! We’ve created these plans to educate you around what food choices best serve your current health, whilst also working to support your long-term health and vitality. Choosing healthy options and the concept of food as medicine are our most potent allies in health, but won’t work through one meal alone, through a pill or via crash dieting. 

:: Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds will be offered on MMP purchases. As it is a digital product, you will have lifetime access to your chosen meal plan, and can use the 7 days worth of healthy recipes as many times as you wish. 

:: What do I do if I have any further questions or any issues wit downloading my MMP?

Send me and email via and I’ll reply as I soon as I can to assist.