Consulting with Naturopath Claire Murray 

Consult Pricing:

Initial Starter Package: 2 x consultations $220 

  • Included:

:: 1 x 90 minute Initial Consultation

Here we spend our time collecting information on your present health, going over your past health history, ordering any necessary testing or referrals and beginning preliminary treatment. A types treatment plan will be provided either at your appointment, or several days after if further research is required. 

:: 1 x 45 – 60 minute Follow Up Appointment

We meet again 2 -3 weeks later to check your initial progress, build on your treatment plan and analyse tests (if ordered). 

  • Subsequent Follow-Up Consults: 30 – 45 minutes $80

** Health fund rebates available

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I started seeing Claire primarily to address a number of skin issues which I had been suffering with for several years. After years of frustration with doctors and dermatologists who wanted to prescribe medication which masked the problems, it was so refreshing to see Claire thoroughly assess my issues from a holistic perspective and work with me to find long-term solutions. After several months of working with Claire, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin. 

I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who has been struggling with their health and well-being and wants to make positive changes. - Catherine, Brisbane