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Claire Murray is a Naturopath based in Brisbane, Queensland, specialising in:

// Skin issues

// Hormonal imbalances 

// Digestive complaints


Let’s restore you & your body to it’s best, yes?

It would be my (absolute) honour to work with you.

Because I’m all about having you feeling healthier, naturally.

As you may have guessed by now, I'm all about helping you unearth glowing skin, balanced hormones and happy digestion. During our time together I will dive down, find the true cause of your imbalances and develop a truly unique-to-you treatment plan that works to repair them. 

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If you have any hesitations about working with Claire, just DO IT! Leave all your reservations or pre-conceived ideas behind - you have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. I have achieved so much in our work together! Firstly, the initial reason I sought Claire's help - my acne problems have disappeared. My diet and lifestyle has improved immensely and my well-being and confidence levels have skyrocketed. Talking about all of my issues has been so easy as she create's such an open, judgement-free, comfortable space. I know I can talk openly, anytime and she's always responsive and so supportive. 

Working with Claire has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. I have her to thank for helping to set my health on the right track - curing my acne, improving my digestive health & guiding me on a healthier, much-needed lifestyle change. - Rachel, Brisbane



1st June 2018

1st June 2018

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 Through working 1:1 with me, you’ll likely feel: 

  • Supported (I’m here to help, cheer you on, listen and walk with you as you improve and heal)

  • Confident (we’ll take a biochemical, evidence-based but holistic approach to your treatment plan)

  • Heard (No, there is a reason you aren’t feeling your best, there is something that can be done, and it’s not all in your head)

  • Empowered (you’ll understand your body, what’s happening inside you & the steps you need to heal)

  • Befriended (no white coats or dry note-taking – it’s you, me & tea)

  • Energised (body & mind aligned in healing = electric)

My clients normally suffer from:


  • Skin Issues:

    • Acne

    • Eczema

    • Dermatitis

    • Psoriasis

  • Hormonal Imbalances:

    • Hormonal breakouts

    • Irregular peroids

    • PMS

    • Painful peroids

    • Thyroid conditions

    • PCOS

    • Fatigue/ low energy

  • Digestive Complaints:

    • IBS

    • Bloating

    • Constipation/ Diarrhoea

    • Food intolerances

    • Allergies

    • Flatulence

    • Burping

    • Reflux

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I’m a naturopath, which means…

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  1. You attend an appointment (either in my Brisbane clinic or via Skype online), wanting to address and remedy a health complaint (perhaps something similar to the list above).

  2. We spend an hour (or more) together wholly focused on you, exploring your presentation and collecting information on your diet, lifestyle and systems of the body that may be impacting your symptoms (e.g. digestion, hormones, mood, immunity).

  3. If we need more insight into the true underlying cause of your complaint, I employ further investigative testing such as pathology, hormonal, allergy or stool testing.

  4. I then combine all of this information to formulate a 100% natural healing protocol using diet and lifestyle suggestions, nutritional therapy and herbal medicine, personally tailored to you and your body.

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Initially, before working with Claire, I was hesitant because I didn't have a great understanding of naturopathy, what they and do and if it was even effective. I soon realised after my first meeting with Claire that this was definitely something I was missing out on! 

Working with Claire has been such a delight. We tackled some diet, skin and hormonal troubles that I was experiencing and I can happily say now that through a combination of Claire's guidance and hard work, that I have been able to become happier, healthier, more energetic, my skin is now free from acne and I am more in tune with my body. 

Claire has such a refreshing take on health and really listens to what you need. Through this, she is able to give you an individualised plan and help you every step of the way. Every time we have had consultations I have felt supported, encouraged and motivated. Claire is amazing! For people who may be thinking about working with Claire, I say: do it, right now! - Sasha, Brisbane