Let's Talk Emotional Eating

Lets Talk Emotional Eating.png

Chocolate after a hard day?
Champagne and hot chips because you nailed that work project?
Whatever is in the fridge to distract from anxiety, stress or boredom?  

I recently held an Instagram Live to interview the beautiful Jess Silsby, an eating psychology coach. After travelling through a massive journey herself with food, she now spends her days helping other women create a more balanced and nourished relationship with what they're eating.

My reason for doing this? The continual theme I was seeing in my successful, young,  female patients - who are seemingly nailing all facets of life, but have emotional attachments to food that are holding them back from eating a diet that truly nourishes them - whatever that looks like. 

And hey, I'd certainly classify myself in that category at some points. There is a huge spectrum that exists between a perfectly healthy relationship with food and full-blown eating disorder. And whilst most of us won't identify with conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia, we are often still rewarding or punishing ourselves using food. 

Listen on below for our conversation that covers:

  1. What emotional eating is? 
  2. Why we do it. 
  3. 3 tips to work with it and overcome it (and they're not just trying harder not to eat 'crap'!)

I really thank Jess for joining us for this, her calm and welcoming approach was like a beautiful exhale to an issue that can cause a lot of women stress. 

Enjoy! Claire xo