22 Good Fat Rich Snacks (that your skin and hormones will love you for)

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22 Good Fat Rich Snacks (that your skin, hormones and gut will love you for)

While inflamed, dry or even rough skin may have you piling the moisturising agents on your skin, it also dearly wishes to be saturated with good fats from the inside —> out.

This means providing your body with a bounty of foods rich in good fats, so they can help to repair damaged cell membranes, reduce inflammation and moisturise the skin.

Read: a healthy, smooth, supple and clear complexion. 

Good fats are needed to create sebum, increase the protective barrier of the skin, and increase the antioxidant levels within the skin too.

In addition, they also help to heal the 2 main drivers of skin issues: a damaged gut and imbalanced hormones. 

Love your fats to love your skin! And while that’s all good in theory, implementing this info is where we can get stuck. Sure Claire, good fats – I get the message. But what do they look like, and how can I actually work them into my diet?

I hear you beauty! 

So, to kick off this good-fat love with a bang (or keep the flame burning strong), here are my 20 Good Fat Rich Snacks (that your skin will love you for):

1. A whole avocado with cracked pepper and himalayan salt

2. Tahini (ground sesame seeds) on toast, crackers or as a dip

3. Hummus (contains tahini and olive oil) as a snack

Divine Raw Chocolate Recipe.png

4. Coconut oil or cocoa butter based raw chocolate (click for recipe)

5. Guacamole or sliced avocado on top of salads

chia pudding.png

6. Chia seed puddings 

7. Almond butter on apple or pear slices (delicious!)

8. Nuts, seeds, or flax/ chia seeds in smoothies

Goats yoghurt with almond butter.png

9. Sheep milk yoghurt with granola, berries and nut butter for breakfast (YUM!)

Almond butter cups.png

10. Almond butter cups

Avocado on toast.png

11. Avocado/ Tuna and avocado on toast or crackers for lunch

12. Grass-fed meat and salad for dinner/ lunch

13. Salmon and salad for dinner/ lunch

14. Coconut butter, milk or cream in smoothies or as a milk substitute in cooking

15. Avocado in a smoothies (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Smoothie bowl.png

16. Coconut flesh or avocado in smoothie bowls - so creamy, so good! 

17. Tahini and lemon juice for salad dressings

goats cheese.png

18. Goat or sheep milk cheese in salads

19. Coconut oil for cooking

20. Grass fed/ organic butter replacing vegetable oils and margarine! 

21. A boiled egg 


22. Snacks portion of green or black olives

So there we have it – there are SO many ways you can work healthy and skin loving fats into your diet! 

My skin improved leaps and bounds when I switched from a higher carbohydrate to higher fat diet. And my skin always gets a glowing boost when I increase them in my diet now - I highly recommend all my patients to increase their intake of good fats, and if you have any skin, gut or hormonal issues, you will benefit from doing this also! 

Take Action Now:

Did you find any of these useful? Using many of these already? Let me know or add to the list in the comments below! 

Yours In Health,