How Much Protein Is In That? Your Easy Guide to Protein Content



When it comes to protein intake, especially if your suffering from any form of hormonal imbalance (including skin issues, PMS, sugar cravings and weight gain), the below the golden rule of thumb:

You need 1 gram of protein for every kilo that you weigh. 

E.g. a 60kg person requires 60gm's of protein per day.

This easily increases the more active you are or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

So how can we achieve this? Well, let's take a look at the protein content of foods so you can: 

  • Figure out your current protein intake.
  • Understand what foods you could consume to increase your protein intake up to your ideal level. 

Protein Content of Commonly Consumed Foods


Meat and Fish

  • 100g Chicken breast: 34 g of protein
  • 100g Lamb chops: 28g of protein
  • Beef, 100g: 27g of protein
  • Snapper 1 x fillet (approx. 170g): 45g of protein
  • Salmon 1/2 x fillet (approx. 180g): 39g of protein
  • Tinned Tuna 85g: 22g of protein
  • Ham, 100g: 17g of protein
  • Rasher of bacon 100g: 22.2g of protein

Dairy and Eggs

  • 1 x large egg : 6g of protein
  • Full fat cows milk 100mL: 3.5g of protein
  • Full fat cheddar cheese 100g: 24.6g of protein
  • Goats or Sheep fetta 100g: 17.4g of protein
  • Ricotta 100g: 10.1g of protein
  • Haloumi, 100g: 21.3g of protein
  • Full fat natural yoghurt 100g: 6g of protein

Plant Based


  • Red lentils, 100g: 6.8g of protein
  • Yellow split peas,  tinned kidney beans 100g: 6.6g of protein
  • Quinoa, 100g: 4g of protein
  • Tinned Cannelini beans + chickpeas (garbanzo) 100g: 6.3g of protein
  • Tofu, firm, 100g: 12g of protein
  • Tofu, silken, 100g: 8.1g of protein

Nuts and Seeds (all raw)

  • Almonds 25g: 6g of protein
  • Walnuts 25g: 4g of protein
  • Brazil nuts 25g: 3.6g of protein
  • Cashew nuts25g: 5g of protein
  • Peanut butter 1Tbs: 6g of protein
  • Pumpkin seeds 25g: 6.1g of protein
  • Sunflower seeds 25g: 6.7g of protein


  • Rye or Wholemeal Bread 100g: 9g of protein
  • Bread, gluten free, 100g: 9.8g of protein
  • Whole raw Oats 100g: 2g of protein
  • Pasta, wholemeal, 100g: 4.9g of protein
  • Brown Rice 100g: 2.7 of protein

So then beauty, do the calculations for your body weight and the food you ate today/ yesterday:

  • Whats your daily protein intake goal?
  • How much did you actually consume?

Let me know in the comments below! 

Claire xo